Correct connection of your ADSL

Every Telephone needs a Filter

thumbnail of image of telephone connected to filterOne of the first things you must do when setting up your ADSL router is ensure that every landline telephone in your property is attached to a filter. Every telephone will need its own filter, so for example if you have 3 ‘phones, you will need 3 filters.

‘Phone and ADSL Router sharing the same telephone connection point

thumbnail of Telephone and router connected via a double adaptorMore often than not, you will be using a double adaptor/filter, which is designed to allow 1 landline phone and 1 router to share the same telephone point.

Using separate connection points for your ‘Phone and ADSL Router

thumbnail of image of telephone and router connected to the wall separatelyIf you plan on using separate points for your ADSL router and ‘phone(s), then it is only the ‘phone(s) that will need filters, not the router.

Remember – every telephone in your property will need its own filter.

You can purchase filters from your local computer shop, or Carrefour.

ADSL router settings

If you have a TP Link router from Europa

Please call Technical Support on 96 579 6736, and we’ll go through your TP Link router configuration with you over the telephone (alternatively use the settings below.)

If you have another type of router

Please use the following settings:

  • ADSL username: 965796736@adsl.adslservice
    (replacing 965796736 with your own ADSL telephone number)
  • ADSL Password: tuff23dono
  • ADSL VPI: 1
  • ADSL VCI: 32
  • ADSL connection type: PPPoE
  • If you are asked for a multiplexing method (sometimes called Encapsulation), set this to LLC or LLC SNAP Bridging.
  • IP Addresses and DNS Addresses must be set to Obtain Automatically or Assigned By ISP.

ADSL router guides

If you use one of the following routers, you can download a free guide (in pdf format) which may be of help to you in setting it up and troubleshooting.

Non-Europa routers

We only support the routers we supply.

Because routers we don’t supply are unfamiliar to us, attempting to configure one over the ‘phone can be very time consuming and has no guarantee of success. As such, this is a service we simply cannot provide.

Update your router firmware

Only update your router software if we have advised you to!
(Otherwise it can have unexpected results)

If we have advised you to update your router firmware, you can find the necessary download for your router below. Please follow the guide provided for your particular router to update it to the current configuration.

Please note this is a zipped (ie. compressed) file and you will need to unzip it once you have downloaded it, using a decompression program such as WinRAR or WinZip.

Router software downloads

SpeedTouch ST546 routerSpeedTouch 546 firmware

ADSL Speed test

If you are experiencing any issues with your broadband speed, we suggest you first test your connection, as follows:

  1. Pause any downloads and close any streaming content (eg. YouTube videos, Spotify, MySpace music, Online TV etc).
  2. Close any Peer to Peer (P2P) software (eg. Bearshare, Bittorrent, Utorrent, Sharezaa, Limewire etc.) you may be running.
  3. Make sure only one computer at your location is connected to your internet service. If you have other PCs or wireless devices eg. laptops, iPhones etc. in the house, switch them off. If any neighbours are sharing your internet connection, their computers must also be switched off while you conduct the test.

Be aware that if you use a wireless connection without a password, your neighbours may be able to connect to the internet via your wireless, which would effectively halve the speed available to you.

Now, visit Once the site loads, click Begin Test. Once the test is complete, you will be presented with a measure of your upload and download speeds.

Speed test iconWhat does this tell you? If you take your two results and add them, the result is your total speed. In this example, the total speed is just shy of 3 MB, a normal result for a 3MB connection.

ADSL speed tips

Several factors can affect your broadband speed. Here are a few suggestions regarding the physical setup of your ADSL router:

  1. When Telefonica visit your property and test your line, they will normally use a specific phone point in your house. This is what they call the Test Point or the PTR. It’s a small box located where the physical landline enters the property. It is not always along the skirting board and can sometimes be located quite high up a wall.

    image of a PTR

    Have a look to see if you can locate where the line enters the property. The connection usually has a flap which lifts or slides aside to allow a phone plug to be connected directly.

    image of a double filterimage of a single filterHaving located the PTR, simply connect your ADSL router to it directly, using a telephone cable. If you use a filter, or double adapter on your phone line (see images, left), remove it during this test — you want nothing other than a telephone cable between your ADSL router and the PTR.

    Then, connect your PC to the router and try the speed test.

    When a phone line is connected directly to the PTR, the signal to any other phone point in the house will be temporarily cut, until the phone line connected to the PTR is disconnected.

  2. Sometimes, even a simple reboot (re-start) of the router can improve your broadband speed.
  3. Try unplugging all your phones, phone adapters and filters, leaving just your ADSL connected, and then test your broadband speed.

For further advice, please contact Europa Technical Support on 96 579 6736