“I can’t view certain websites”

Internet Explorer issues

If you use Internet Explorer, you may not be able to view certain websites. One reason for this may be the presence of too many browser add-ons, or too many cookies stored in the browser. The simplest fix for this is to reset Internet Explorer. This webpage will guide you through the process.

Other suggestions include clearing your Internet Explorer history, or switching off your anti-virus protection (though this puts your computer at risk, obviously).

Another reason you may not be able to view certain websites is because Internet Explorer does not conform to modern web standards as well as other browsers, and cannot display many common effects that web designers use.

Recommended browsers

For the best experience on the Web at this point in time, it is highly recommended that you use a modern, secure standards compliant web browser such as Firefox, Opera, Safari, or Chrome all of which are free. If you have no particular preference, we recommend Firefox.

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What are security certificates?

When you try to access http://www.europa-network.com/account (your Europa account), you may be presented with a security message drawing your attention to the website’s security┬ácertificate. We assure you that this is perfectly normal, and that you should click to continue, so that you can log in to your customer account via our website.

The two most common security messages you may see are these:

Internet Explorer security certificateThis screen is from Internet Explorer – if you see this type of screen when trying to log in to your Europa account, simply Click to continue.

Firefox security certificateThis screen is from Firefox. If you see this type of screen when trying to log in to your Europa account, simply click on Add exception, and then click on Get Certificate. Once you have done this confirm or approve any further questions.

You will then be able to view your account and billing information.

Is this safe?

Yes, it is.

For further advice, please contact Europa Technical Support on 96 579 6736