Before You Start

Before you start to use the TV please make sure you qualify. To use the TV you must satisfy the following criteria:
    • • You have 3MB of Speed or More.
Please check this on Speedtest.net You should get a download of 2.2 or higher.
    • • You are using a Fixed line ADSL.
You must have a fixed Telefonica line. The system will not necessarily work with Wireless/3G systems.

Troubleshooting Online TV

The Europa TV is brought to you via VLC. If for any reason you are experiencing issues with the service the most likely cause it that you need to install the VLC media package. VLC is a media player, that allows you to watch TV on the computer. Watch the video below or follow the on screen instructions for windows users.

Windows Users

In order to use the TV Service, Mozilla Firefox needs to be used. Mozilla Firefox is an Internet browser, so instead of accessing the Internet via Internet Explorer you can access it by using Firefox. If you do not have Firefox installed, please use the link below. Once Firefox is installed, the VLC plugin needs to be installed.  The TV will not work without these steps. A reboot is required once both are installed Once you have downloaded and installed both packages please use Mozilla Firefox and then go to the TV site.

Mac Users

Please download Google chrome or Mozilla Firefox, and then the VLC plugin relevant to your system. VLC for intel VLC for Power PC Intel Version 3 (only try if you have attempted to use the first download link!) Unsure which one to download? Please click the apple symbol in the top left of your screen and click on “About This Mac”, you should see the following screen which will tell you which system type you are running. About Mac Download Google Chrome now! (If you have not already got chrome installed) Please download the VLC plugin first, making sure all browsers are closed. Once downloaded, simply open the file and run through the install steps. Once you have installed the VLC Plugin, please download and install Google chrome and try the TV service again.

Still Having Problems

If you are still having issues try switching off the firewall.

Disabling your computer’s firewall

If you are unsure which operating system you have, check the symbol in the bottom left hand corner of your screen against the following list, then click the corresponding link to view the appropriate guide to disabling your computer’s firewall:

PC Go menu

Antivirus issues!!!

More often than not, an issue at this stage points to a potential conflict with an Anti-Virus program. Check to see if your Anti-Virus is running, and see the below guides to overcome the TV being blocked. If you do not find the appropriate guide here, please just do a quick google search or even email us and we´ll try and add the guides here.

Antivirus programs that are known to cause issues:

Antivirus programs like Mcafee, Norton, Panda, and Zone Alarm can place restrictions on your computer’s operating system.

We would recommend that you use AVG free. Most times when you buy a pc, they will include a free trial for Norton or Mcafee meaning that most people will buy the product when it runs out. AVG free is equally as good as the paid products mentioned above.

Amino STB Support

Amino 125 Set Top Box

Amino 125 STB

Failed to Load Webpage:

If you are receiving this message, it is due to no internet connection to the STB. Be sure to check the Ethernet cable between the router and the STB, unplug this and plug back in. Also make sure that you are receiving internet access. Try a few pages and confirm the router is online. If you have checked this, then the next step is to unplug both the router and STB power cables. Once unplugged plug back in the router first, leave it for two minutes and power back on the STB. If the problem is still not resolved, please call 965 796 736 and speak to one of our Technical Support Staff.

Loading Screen only :

If you get your STB and when switched on it gets stuck on the screen saying loading. Please try rebooting both the router and the STB, if this does not rectify the situation you will need to ring Technical Support on 965 796 736.

Limited Channels:

If you are only receiving say BBC1 or only some of the advertised channels in the guide, please email Support making sure the subject reads “limited channels” or Click here. Please make sure to reboot both the router and STB a couple of times before emailing to make sure the issue is not just temporary.

Black Screen no Video:

If you are not receiving any channel and have never received a picture, then please make sure that you do have internet access, also make sure to check the Ethernet lead between the router and the STB. Also please try pressing OK on your remote twice. If the issue is still unresolved please email Support making sure the subject reads “Port Issue”. Alternatively Click here.

Motorola STB Support

Motorola Set Top Box

Motorola STB

Pixelation/Picture break Up

You will need to make sure that no computer or devices are switched on as this can take bandwidth away from the STB and cause breakup of the picture and pixelation. After making sure nothing else is switched on you will need to reboot the Router wait two minutes and then reboot the STB.

Please then monitor the TV quality.

If you continue to get pixelation, you will need to connect the Router direct to the main telephone point in the property without any telephones, splitters or filters connected. Once the Router is connected direct to this point you will again need to reboot the Router and then the STB. The main telephone point in most properties will be called a PTR and will have a sliding flap on it you can lift open, see here.

If you have a Wireless Range Extender that was provided by us so that you can connect the STB to it (if the Router is in a different room to the TV) you will need to disconnect the STB from the Extender and connect it directly to the Router, this will eliminate the problem being caused by wireless interference between the Router and Extender. Also, follow the previous steps as well to assure the best possible connection with the ADSL.

Stuck on Loading/Not Loading (Red Dots)

If when the STB tries to load the TV and gets stuck on 3 red dots or 5 red dots this is because the STB is not able to connect to the TV server over the Internet.

If you’re STB connects directly to the router with an Ethernet cable

You need to make sure that the router has the LAN light lit on the front that corresponds to the Ethernet port on the back of the router that the STB is connected to. Also check the connection on the back of the STB itself, there should be 2 lights on the connection itself where the cable is plugged into the STB, one orange and one green. If the light on the router is not lit or both of the lights on the STB port are not lit there is a connection issue and we recommend that you change the Ethernet cable. If after changing the cable there are still problems, please contact Technical Support.

If you’re STB connects to a wireless range extender as it may be in another room to your router

Please check the light on the far right called “range extender” it will also look slightly different to the other lights on the Extender. If this is not lit then the Extender has lost its wireless connection to the router and you will need to reboot both the router and then the Extender. Once the light is back on you will need to reboot the STB also. If the light is lit and the STB is still stuck on the loading screen, you need to make sure that the Extender has the LAN light lit on the front. Also check the connection on the back of the STB itself, there should be 2 lights on the connection itself where the cable is plugged into the STB, one orange and one green. If the light on the router is not lit or both of the lights on the STB port are not lit there is a connection issue and we recommend that you change the Ethernet cable. If after changing the cable there are still problems, please contact Technical Support.

No Signal/Black Screen

You need to check the connection from the STB to your television whether it is a HDMI lead or a Scart lead, make sure it is correctly connected to both the STB and the TV and that it is not loose, if it feels loose just disconnect the cable and make sure none of the pins are broken if it’s a Scart lead. Disconnect and reconnect both ends of the cable from the STB and TV. You will also need to make sure that your TV is set to the correct output station. Most TV’s will have a source or input or mode button that when pressed will let you select between the available output modes such as, HDMI, AV, Component, TV, USB, etc… If you are connected to AV 1 or HDMI 1 for example in the back of the TV you need to make sure the TV is on the corresponding channel. If you can’t see any visible damage to the cable we still recommend that you try a different cable and if you are using a Scart connection we recommend that you try a HDMI lead if your TV supports this connection, if you are using a HDMI we recommend you try a Scart cable. If the problem continues please contact Technical Support.

TV Guide Blank/No Program information in TV Guide

If the TV guide has no information about the program you are watching or when you go into the TV guide Itself if there is no information for any channels or it displays a message that reads program missing or waiting for data, simply reboot your STB and when the TV comes back on all the information will be there. If this does not fix the problem you may have to reboot your ADSL router first, wait a few minutes and then when the Internet has reconnected, reboot the STB.

TV Catchup Not Working

If you select a program from the TV catch up guide and you receive a blank screen, press the info button or the OK button and you should see the program progress bar at the bottom with the program run time. If the play time of the program in the bottom right hand corner is 00:00:00 then the program will not play. If this is the case, please try a different channel and a different program and also a different day. If the same thing happens on different channels, days and times then please contact Technical Support. If you are watching a program through the TV catch up and the program stops playing or cuts out before the program itself has finished, please check a few different programs and channels. If this continues to happen then please reboot your router and STB and try again. If after rebooting the problem remains, please contact us and tell us what day, time, channel and program this is happening with so that we can investigate it further.

Picture Showing, But No Sound

If you are able to see the TV picture but are receiving no sound at all, check the volume on both the STB and your TV as sometimes the volume can default to zero on the STB. If the volume is up high on both TV and the STB and you still receive no sound, if you are using a HDMI lead please disconnect this and try a Scart lead. If you are already using a Scart lead please disconnect both ends from the TV and STB and check all the pins inside to make sure that none or bent or broken or damaged in any way as if even 1 pin is damaged it could cause this problem and the cable should be replaced straight away.

TV Stuck on 1 Dot, Yellow or Green (Not red)

If when you turn the STB on you are given just 1 dot on the TV screen that is either yellow or green, please contact us immediately as the STB will need to be reconfigured and this can only be done by speaking to a member of our Technical Support team.

For further advice, please contact Europa Technical Support on 96 579 6736