Laptop Wireless

Does my laptop have wireless?

wireless symbol 1wireless symbol 2Look for some lights, or a symbol, on the front of your laptop that look similar to these. If your laptop has something similar, it is wireless enabled and you will be able to connect it to the internet wirelessly.

If the front of your laptop doesn’t have a similar symbol or light, follow these steps:

  1. photo of the Windows key1 — Hold down the Windows key on your keyboard.
  2. photo of the R key2 — Keep it held down, and press the R key on your keyboard.
  3. photo of the Run key3 — A box called Run should appear in the bottom left of the screen. When it does, release the Windows key.
  4. photo of typing4 — Type ncpa.cpl into the Run box, then click OK.
  5. photo of Network Connections dialog5 — You should now see your laptop’s Network Connections settings on screen. If you can see a setting called Wireless Network Connection (or something similar), your laptop is wireless enabled and can be connected to the internet wirelessly.

If your Network Connections settings do not display Wireless Network Connection or something similar, your laptop is not wireless compatible. However, you can still connect your laptop to your router using an ethernet cable.

How do I switch on my laptop’s wireless?

If you’re not sure if your laptop has wireless, first read the previous section of this guide – Does my laptop have wireless?

photo of a laptop's wireless indicatorIf you know your laptop is wireless enabled and it has a wireless light, check if it is lit. If it is, your laptop’s wireless is already switched on. If it is not lit, you will need to switch it on.

The switch will be somewhere on the outer casing of your laptop, usually on the side or front, and often accompanied by a wireless symbol, such as those shown in the previous section. The switch itself will normally provide some sort of indication as to whether it is on or off.

Occasionally, the switch may be situated near the laptop’s Power button. Once you have switched it on, a message will usually appear on-screen to tell you that the wireless was either activated or deactivated (depending on whether it was on or off to begin with).

Function keysIf you still can’t find a wireless switch, inspect your F keys along the top of your laptop’s keyboard (F1, F2, F3 … F12). On one of these keys you may find a wireless symbol.

the Fn keyIf so, then down on the bottom left of your keyboard you should find the Fn key (also known as the Function key). Hold down the Fn key, and while it is held down press the relevant F key (the one with the wireless symbol).

Again, a message might appear on-screen to tell you that the wireless was either activated or deactivated (depending on whether it was on or off to begin with).

If this hasn’t helped and you are still stuck, please call Technical Support on 96 579 6736 and we will guide you through the procedure.

How do I set up my laptop’s wireless?

For instructions on setting up your wireless connection to the internet, please select the operating system you use from the list below, and click the link to download or print off the relevant guide (it’s in pdf format – you will need Adobe Reader or a similar program to read it).

If you are unsure which operating system you have, check the symbol in the bottom left hand corner of your screen against the following list, then click the corresponding link to download the appropriate guide:

PC Go menu

What is my wireless passkey?

Your wireless passkey can be found on the instructions that came with the router. The wireless key number is usually a 10 digit number e.g. 3556874125. Any letters in this key need to be entered in the correct case — failure to do so can cause issues with your wireless connection.

If you have followed the instructions above to connect to your wireless network, when prompted for the wireless passkey, simply enter the number on your instruction leaflet. If this doesn’t work, please call Technical Support on 96 579 6736.

For further advice, please contact Europa Technical Support on 96 579 6736