Wireless Service

Plug In Instructions

  1. From the antenna A (outside) an Ethernet cable will come through into your property.
  2. Plug the Ethernet cable from A into the POE adaptor B. Make sure to plug it into the POE port on the Ubiquiti POE Adaptor
  3. Plug in an Ethernet cable (a spare Ethernet should have been provided.) from the LAN Port C of the Ubiquiti POE Adaptor into the WAN Port D of the router
  4. Plug another Ethernet cable (again another Ethernet should have been provided) from one of the LAN Ports on the TP-Link Wireless Router into your computer E.
  5. Plug the POE Adapter B,C into a plug socket on the wall.
  6. Plug the TP-Link Wireless Router D into a plug socket on the wall F.

Wireless Diagram

Rebooting your Wireless Service

First, familiarise yourself with your Wireless equipment:

Your Wireless equipment

    You will have one POE Power Adaptor:

  1. photo of a Ubiquiti power adaptorUbiquiti power adaptor
  2. You will also get Router and possibly an ATA:

  3. photo of a Tp Link Voip RouterTP-Link Router and its power supply
  4. photo of a Handytone ATA (Analog Telephone Adaptor)A Handytone ATA and its power supply

… then follow this procedure exactly to reboot it:

Reboot procedure

  1. Unplug the Ubiquiti power adaptor from the mains
  2. Unplug your ATA (Handytone) & Router (TP-Link) power supply
  3. Wait for 2 full minutes
  4. Plug the Ubiquiti power adaptor back in ONLY and switch on
  5. Wait for 2 full minutes
  6. Plug your ATA/TP-Link power supply back in and switch on
  7. Wait for 2 full minutes
  8. If your PC is off, switch it on – If your PC is already on, restart it
  9. You should now have lights on your ATA/Router
  10. Check your phone and internet to confirm they’re working normally

For further advice, please contact Europa Technical Support on 96 579 6736